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N. Texas residents stay in homes 11 years on average

File Photo/staffTexas leads the country in home building, which contributes to a younger housing stock and shorter resident tenures. And in fast-paced economies in the state — especially the D

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Does that count as a bedroom?

Listing your house and wondering what is considered a bedroom?  Below is a good explanation of what does and does not count as one.There’s no single legal definition for a bedroom in.

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Study shows 80% prefer single-family home

Dallas is enamored with the American Dream.The dream that involves a single-family home in the suburbs with access to the types of wide-open highways that American planners dreamed up decades ago

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Info about Texas Homestead

The Texas Constitution and Property Code provide that the homestead of a family or single adult is protected from forced sale for purposes of paying debts and judgments, except in cases of purchase

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