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Mortgage rates are climbing, but...are still near historic lows

For real estate questions or needs, please contact:Michelle ForemanFourth Generation RealtorC: [email protected]ealtor.comMortgage rates remain

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Bridge Loans and How One Can Help You Purchase Your Next House

Looking to purchase a home, but struggling to find the funds.  A bridge loan might be for you...Michelle ForemanFourth Generation Realtor, Texas Urban LivingC: 214-394

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Reading and understanding a survey

Have a survey, but not exactly what it is or what things mean?  The below can answer your questions!  Have any real estate-related questions or needs?  Please contact

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Pre-Existing Assessment Liens & Homestead Protection

It is well established under Texas law that while the Texas Constitution's protection of Homestead may protect a Homeowner's Lot or Unit from foreclosure by certain creditors, it will not extinguish

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