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Curious about DFW statistics from September?

Curious about how the DFW housing market did in September?  The info is below!  Interested in your specific area?  Please contact me at the below info and I will assist.Michelle

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Mortgage rates are climbing, but...are still near historic lows

For real estate questions or needs, please contact:Michelle ForemanFourth Generation RealtorC: [email protected]ealtor.comMortgage rates remain

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Bridge Loans and How One Can Help You Purchase Your Next House

Looking to purchase a home, but struggling to find the funds.  A bridge loan might be for you...Michelle ForemanFourth Generation Realtor, Texas Urban LivingC: 214-394

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Reading and understanding a survey

Have a survey, but not exactly what it is or what things mean?  The below can answer your questions!  Have any real estate-related questions or needs?  Please contact

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